Omicron and the Covid-19 Vaccine: There’s a Lot to Uncover

A significant surge in Covid-19 cases has been witnessed worldwide in the last couple of months. To be more specific:-

  • Europe registered more than 5 million new Covid-19 cases in the last week of 2021.
  • Following the footsteps, Britain’s daily Covid caseload breached 200,000 for the first time.
  • Australia, the first country to defeat Covid-19 in its entirety, reported 64,758 new cases on 5th Jan 2022.
  • The USA has set a new global record by reporting more than one million new Covid-19 cases in a single day.

And the latest culprit for this spike is Omicron - the new Coronavirus strain. 

The quick progression and transmission of Omicron have left some questions unanswered and raised a few new ones. So to shed some light, here’s a comprehensive article to answer all the questions concerning Omicron and the Covid-19 vaccination.

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Rajesh Sharma
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